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FEMA Floodplain Regulations Part 2 – Substantial Improvement (50 Percent Rule)

This post is part 2 of our series of FEMA floodplain regulations. In this post I will discuss the rules regarding substantial improvement of a structure that was built prior to the adoption of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) and thereby does not meet the current code requirements for flood elevation. What Rules Apply? The code requirements for changes …

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FEMA Floodplain Regulations Part 1

If you are planning on building, renovating, or buying property in the  Hilton Head / Bluffton area there are a few things that you need to know about FEMA’s floodplain regulations. We will cover some of the key points over the next few weeks. A floodplain is a low lying area that is adjacent to waterways that is naturally subject …

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Band-Aids are for cuts and scrapes not houses.

Wood Rot

The other day we were working on a house that had some rot issues around a sliding glass door. As we began to access the damage it became clear that someone had previously put a “Band-Aid “on the problem.  They assumed that if you cover up the issue that the problem is solved. In actuality the problem was much worse. …

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