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Are you comparing apples and oranges? Items to look for when reveiwing proposals

apples and oranges

At Tropical Builders we are constantly reviewing proposals from vendors and subcontractors. From this experience there are  few thing that we would like to pass on to prospective clients who are reviewing proposals of there own to select a builder for their next project.


 Apples and oranges

Make sure that you are comparing similar products and services when reviewing your bids.  The best way to insure that the bids are similar in scope is actually to itemize the expectations up front.  If you layout the expectations for the prospective bidders upfront you will end up with bids that are much easier to compare.  The bidder is not forced to make assumptions on what you want.  Think of selecting a contractor in terms of selecting a car. You have already decided that you are going to purchase a certain model of car.  Each dealer that you are looking at presents you with a price for that model of car. The problem is that each dealer has different options on their car so you are not comparing apples to apples or oranges to oranges when it come to price. Now this car analogy is a very simple example that doesn’t capture the complexity of selecting a contractor. Most people have some kind of experience with cars and their features, but most remodeling or new home clients do not posses the proper experience when it come to home building or remodeling to know the difference in the options that they are looking at. Also each property is unique and their are multiple products and services for each option. It is the job of a quality contractor to find out what the client wants and educate them on the options available for the job..

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