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Check out our list of Spring Maintenance tips for your home.

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As spring approaches it is time to start thinking about giving your home a tune up.  Colder weather and just normal wear and tear have created issues around the house that should be addressed.  We have created a list to help you protect your investment:


Inspect Siding, Stucco, and Exterior Trim

Take a walk around your house and look at the siding, stucco, and exterior trim.  Look for cracks in wood or stucco and apply the proper sealant to prevent water damage.  Check for wood rot. Common area where wood rot occurs are:

  • Trim around windows and doors
  • Areas where decks adjoin to the house
  • Around the foundation where there is not proper clearance between the ground and wood /stucco
  • Areas where a roof intersects with a wall

Repaint or touch up as necessary.

Inspect gutters and down spouts.

Clean debris from gutters and check to make sure that they function properly. Check down spouts and make sure that water is being directed away from the house.  Consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from accumulating in the future.

Service HVAC units and replace smoke detector batteries

Change the filters in your HVAC units. If you do not have a service agreement with a HVAC company it is a good thing to consider to keep your units running properly.  Change the Batteries in your smaoke detectors and push the test button to ensure they function properly

Prune Landscaping and Check Drainage

Keep shrubs pruned away from the house and check the grade of the dirt next to the house to ensure that water flows away from the house.

Clean the Roof and check for possible leaks

Remove all debris from the roof and check the shingles and flashing for damage. Inspect the roof from the attic to look for water stains or signs of leaks.

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