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Is you house in need of cosmetic surgery?

Lets face it, most older homes are not designed for today’s lifestyles. If your home is fifteen plus years old it is probably in need of a face lift.  Older floor plans are typically closed in and don’t lend themselves to entertaining. Here are some remodeling trends that can help bring your house back to life:

Open your floor plan

The quickest way to change the look and feel of a space is to remove walls to open an area and create better flow.  Removing walls between your kitchen and living area will make the rooms more functional for entertaining and day to day living

Create  a chef’s kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is a place where family an friends gather. If your kitchen is dated or has an uninviting layout it will not get used in the manner it should.  A kitchen makeover will improve the functionality of the space.  Modifying the layout, upgrading cabinets, installing granite or solid surfaces counter tops, changing lighting and plumbing fixtures, along with replacing old appliances with new energy efficient ones are some of the ways to enhance your space.

Think “Green”

Green Product are not only good for the environment, they can also cut down on your monthly expenses.  Today’s appliances and mechanical systems are much more efficient than one that are as little as ten year old.  Other items to consider are the use of  eco-friendly paint and flooring.

Take the inside out

A large part of the Low Country lifestyle is outdoor living.  Screened porch additions, covered porches, and outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining.  Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits make the space usable when the temperature drops.

Create a Spa Retreat

A day at the spa can be an everyday event.  Treat yourself with a new Jacuzzi  tub and steam shower.   New cabinets and counter tops along with flooring will make you feel like you are living in  luxury.

Focus on flooring

Flooring is one of the most common upgrades when remodeling.  Removing old carpet and installing hardwood flooring or tile will not only improve the look but it will also help with allergies since dander and dirt often get trapped in the carpet.



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