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What will it cost to build a home on Hilton Head?

The most common question we are asked is what will it cost to build a home with x amount of heated square feet? The answer to this question is it depends. I am guessing that this is not the answer that you are looking for, but let me explain.  Each home that we build on Hilton Head is unique.  With that being said, every client is also unique in what the desire for their home. The price to build is determined by several factors and I will explain a few below:


Location, Location, Location….

The old saying in real estate is that a homes value is based on location.  This saying also holds true when you are building a new home on Hilton Head. Your prospective address has a lot to do with what the construction cost are going to be. Most communities on Hilton Head have an Architectural Review Board ( ARB ) that lay outs guild lines for how your home should be constructed in regards to the exterior architecture.  Each neighborhood has a certain style that they want you to adhere to when designing your home.

Another element that affects the price is the Elevation of your lot. The current building codes require the the first livable floor be at least 14′  above sea level or BFE.  Lots that allow for a house to be built slab on grade are less expensive than houses that must be built on piers.

The closer you get to the beach, creeks, and rivers also changes some of the structural requirements along with material selection for long term durability in a Salty environment.


Fixtures, Flooring, & Features

The three F’s are where the client has the most control on what the cost is going to be.  These items usually make or break the budget.  It is important that once a budget allowance is defined that these allowances are adhere to during the selection process.  It is important to be upfront with your builder on what level of finishes you desire so that an appropriate allowance can be established.  Even better is to have as many items pre selected and specified on the plans for a more accurate estimate of cost of construction.


If you a considering building a home in the Hilton Head area, email or call Tropical Builders at 843-290-2556.  We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss  what you are looking for in you next home.   We can also provide you with a preliminary cost estimate based on the conversation that will give you a range on what the cost will be to build your next home.





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