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When choosing a Home Builder, do you choose on value or solely on price?

At Tropical Builders we are constantly in competition for new Clients.  As you may expect, it is common for people to request multiple bids from different companies for their project. They eventually narrow it down to one company who gets the job.  How do you choose that company? Is it based on the value that the company provides or solely on price?  If its is solely on price more often than not “You Get What You Pay For”.  Now we are not saying that you should totally disregard the bottom line. It is an important piece of the puzzle, just not the only piece. Value should be the determining factor when it comes to selecting the company for your next project.  Using the puzzle analogy, “Value” is the whole puzzle.


What is “Value” when it comes to Home Building and Remodeling? It is price, services and quality. Over the years we have developed professional relationships with Vendors, Architects and Subcontractors.  These relationships enable us to pass on the benefits directly to you when it come to quality and price savings.  We are committed to offering the best products at reasonable prices.  Project Management is one of the most important services. We take a hands on approach to managing your project.  We are not drive by contractors that visit the site once a week. We are there on a daily basis when work is being performed.  This hands on approach allows us to bring your project in on budget and on schedule.


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